BioPharma companies and Medical Devices manufacturers face growing operational, regulatory and economic challenges. ICON provides analysis and key insights on these challenges, with practical advice and recommendations.

Thought Leadership

Transforming Trials

ICON is rethinking the clinical trials process using new approaches, coupled with existing technologies to substantially reduce the risk and cost of clinical drug development.

Adaptive Trials

Insights to help you understand and address the complexities of adaptive trial design and execution. 

Meeting Evidentiary Needs with Electronic Health Records

Read this white paper to learn how you can leverage these systems for maximum benefit in observational studies and pragmatic clinical trials. 

Transforming Medical Device Development

ICON whitepaper which deconstructs the critical challenges to achieving mandates for cost efficiency and productivity.


The upcoming addendum focuses on three key areas; technology validation and certification, risk based quality management systems and increased oversight.

Oncology: Identifying & Reducing Barriers at the Site Level

Specific ideas and innovative approaches that can make a real difference to the successful conduct of industry-sponsored oncology clinical trials.

Strategic Alliances

ICON sponsored research outlines partnership strategies to optimise clinical drug development.


BYOD promises greater patient-centricity and will make study management less complex.

Global Outcomes Benchmarking

ICON and ICHOM working to develop risk-adjusted, international benchmarks on health outcomes by medical condition.

Adaptive Design: The Faster Path to Market

An adaptive design clinical trial can help to create a stronger value proposition for your medical device by reducing development costs and accelerating time-to-market.

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