ICON’s adaptive trial design software

Adaptive Design Perfected

ADDPLAN® is a stand-alone software, using data to design, simulate, and analyse adaptive clinical trials with ease.

ADDPLAN® is part of the ICONIK Informatics Hub

  • Market leader for design, simulation and analysis of adaptive clinical trials
  • Spans Phases I to IV
  • Used by regulatory agencies (FDA, EMA (Europe) and PMDA (Japan), top pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, and academia
  • The only commercial software with MCP-Mod dose finding methodology
    • MCP-Mod has recently received FDA endorsement2 and EMA qualification1

ADDPLAN® is a fully validated, graphical user interface (GUI) based software.

ADDPLAN® functionality covers innovative study designs for all phases of clinical development:


  • Early stopping for efficacy
  • Binding and non-binding stopping for futility

ADDPLAN® is available in the following modules:

  1. ADDPLAN BASE: Adaptive group sequential designs and sample size re‐estimation
  2. ADDPLAN MC: Adaptive multiple comparison procedures
  3. ADDPLAN PE: Adaptive population enrichment designs
  4. ADDPLAN DF: Adaptive dose finding designs (including MCP-Mod)

Over fifty top pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, as well as numerous leading academic researchers are currently using ADDPLAN®.