Adaptive Trials White Papers

Our ICON Insights will help you understand and successfully address the complexities of adaptive trial design and execution.

ICON’s adaptive trial design software

Adaptive Design Perfected

ADDPLAN® is a stand-alone software, using data to design, simulate, and analyse adaptive clinical trials with ease.

ADDPLAN® is part of the ICONIK Informatics Hub

  • Market leader for design, simulation and analysis of adaptive clinical trials
  • Spans Phases I to IV
  • Used by regulatory agencies (FDA, EMA (Europe) and PMDA (Japan), top pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, and academia
  • The only commercial software with MCP-Mod dose finding methodology
    • MCP-Mod has recently received FDA endorsement2 and EMA qualification1

ADDPLAN® is a fully validated, graphical user interface (GUI) based software.

ADDPLAN® functionality covers innovative study designs for all phases of clinical development:


  • Early stopping for efficacy
  • Binding and non-binding stopping for futility

ADDPLAN® is available in the following modules:

  1. ADDPLAN BASE: Adaptive group sequential designs and sample size re‐estimation
  2. ADDPLAN MC: Adaptive multiple comparison procedures
  3. ADDPLAN PE: Adaptive population enrichment designs
  4. ADDPLAN DF: Adaptive dose finding designs (including MCP-Mod)

Over fifty top pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, as well as numerous leading academic researchers are currently using ADDPLAN®.