Study Performance Ignited

FIRECREST is designed to enhance patient engagement and support patient recruitment and retention. It is part of the ICONIK Informatics Hub.

Proven solutions

Customers, including the global top 10 pharmaceutical companies, are benefiting from FIRECREST. They are using it to improve communication, workflow and compliance at investigator sites.

One such company uses FIRECREST as its enterprise portal solution to manage its entire clinical development portfolio. In just eight months it has seen compliance increase from 73% to 94% across 350 studies involving three CROs and 10,000 staff.

The virtual study expert

No matter the complexity or scope of your research program, FIRECREST delivers benefits from start-up to closeout:

  • Single sign-on
  • Best practice reinforcement, with reduction in human error
  • Develop and deploy accessible, centralised, globally standardised training programmes
  • Centralised reference material and communications
  • Companion tool alongside data collection and management tools
  • Increased patient engagement through research-based, rich multimedia communications

FIRECREST delivers 50% lower protocol deviations per site, 56% Improvement in median screening rates for studies, 45% reduction in total data queries.

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FIRECREST by Numbers

Reduced Mean Training Costs
Patient Recruitment
Protocol Deviations
Screening Rates

Solutions and Services

Investigator Portal

The Investigator Portal is the gateway to all FIRECREST solutions, enhancing communication and clinical conduct. Designed for the way investigators work, this customised, single sign-on portal connects sponsors, investigators, site coordinators, study monitors and all other study personnel globally. It will scale to manage a single study or your entire portfolio of clinical studies. Read brochure (PDF)


Trial management presents a myriad of logistical challenges, one of the most arduous being the job of organising, managing, updating and deploying documentation, often across countries, time zones, and languages. FIRECREST TrialDrive simplifies version-controlled document management and distribution to a range of countries, individual sites, specific job roles, or the entire study.

Patient Recruitment, Interaction and Education


Despite intensive and costly monitoring 5% of all FDA findings are due to errors in the consenting process. FIRECREST eConsent improves efficiency, oversight, data quality, and compliance in the consent process, virtually eliminating these errors while providing a real-time view of trial compliance and delivering truly informed consent.

Patient Portal

Enhance patient recruitment and retention by providing patients with available studies, criteria for eligibility, and information around the disease, before and during studies. FIRECREST Patient Portal enables a better experience for patients, offering easy-to-use tools for feedback, giving researchers superior methods to collect data, and understand patient conditions.

Training and Reference

Essential Training Library

FIRECREST makes real-time training interactive, user-friendly and fast. Designed and developed by clinical and medical experts for accuracy our customised training programs have complete monitoring and certification options, and can be localised in multiple languages. Fifty thousand GCP courses have been completed by investigators and site staff through FIRECREST.

Modules available:

GCP Personal Training (TransCelerate Attested), RECIST, IMWG, Expanded Disability Status Scale, Conducting the 6-Minute Walk Test, IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, Subject Retention, Patient Information.

Virtual Training Curriculum

ICON’s clinical experts take protocols and develop role-specific training programs for all study personnel. Using dynamic multimedia — from presentation decks to hyper-real 3D video — FIRECREST Virtual Training makes study-specific training interactive, engaging, and user-friendly:

  • PowerPoint lesson: Narrated PowerPoint presentations provide detailed, always available, simple training sessions, for example Protocol Overviews (POs).
  • 2D Workshop: Customised graphics and narration for your PO to improve engagement and knowledge retention and accelerate the training process.
  • 3D Masterclass: Our award-winning[f1] , 3D training videos and visualisations, have been proven to reduce deviations and queries. They showcase your compound and describe the disease pathology and Mechanism(s) of Action using hyper-real graphics for the deepest understanding.

Visit-By-Visit Guide

Centralise information about your study protocol and have it delivered when it is most relevant and beneficial. The Visit-By-Visit guide reinforces consistency and efficiency to uphold protocol-compliant conduct, preventing errors in everything from data collection to sample packaging and shipping.