Study Performance Ignited

FIRECREST is a leading provider of Digital Solutions for Clinical Trials designed to streamline and accelerate the administration, empowering patients to participate and improving Quality for Sponsors. It is part of the ICONIK Informatics Hub.

Proven solutions

Customers, including the global top 10 pharmaceutical companies, are benefiting from FIRECREST. They are using it to improve communication, workflow and compliance at investigator sites while also supporting patient recruitment and retention.

One such company uses FIRECREST as its enterprise portal solution to manage its entire clinical development portfolio. In just eight months it has seen compliance increase from 73% to 94% across 350 studies involving three CROs and 10,000 staff.

The virtual study expert

No matter the complexity or scope of your research program, FIRECREST delivers benefits from start-up to closeout:

  • Best practice reinforcement, with reduction in human error
  • Develop and deploy accessible, centralised, globally standardised training programmes
  • Centralised reference material and communications
  • Increased patient engagement through research-based, rich multimedia communications

FIRECREST solutions are proven to deliver clear value to trials:
Reduced Mean Training Costs
Patient Recruitment
Protocol Deviations
Screening Rates