FIRECREST Patient Portal

Patient Portal is the comprehensive solution for recruiting and retaining patients worldwide. By connecting trial and patient information, our Patient Portal gives patients the resources they need to stay engaged with a clinical trial from pre-enrolment all the way through the trial, which supports investigators’ ability to recruit and retain patients. FIRECREST worked directly with patients to build Patient Portal, tailoring the interface, information and tools to maximise patient usability and comprehension.

  • Pre-ScreeningPotential candidates can complete pre-screening questionnaires and register for follow-up visits at a site.
  • Patient Education Patient Portal website(s) can incorporate FIRECREST’s award-winning patient education videos and multimedia designed with research from Carnegie Mellon University to enhance the patient’s ability to offer informed consent.
  • CustomisedStudy-specific recruitment and retention portals will be styled to match your trial and/or corporate brand.
  • PowerfulPatient Portal is backed by the capabilities of ICON’s feasibility and site relations team, which supports targeted patient recruitment campaigns worldwide.
  • End to End TrackingLinking Patient Outreach to Investigators with integrated solution ensuring no loss of data.
  • Patient Management ConsoleFull integration with the FIRECREST Investigator Portal to ensure tracking and management of candidates can be conducted at site through existing systems.