Trial Drive

Trial management presents a myriad of logistical challenges, one of the most arduous being the job of organising, managing, updating and deploying documentation. This problem is compounded when trials span multiple countries, and when time zones, language barriers and the need to deploy targeted information come into play. TrialDrive simplifies version-controlled document management and distribution to particular countries, individual sites, specific job roles or the entire study. 

All Your Study Files In One Secure, Controlled Environment

  • Centralised Document DistributionControlled distribution of study documents with secure, 21 CFR part 11 compliant version-controlled document storage, deployment, publishing, approval and monitoring tools. Site staff always see the most current version of documents. 
  • Flexible
    Folders configured for your document type and study needs including notifications and due dates. 
  • Flexible Controlled-access, centralised information for all site personnel based on defined roles. 
  • Audit Trail
    Complete audit trails support Regulatory compliance and inspection readiness.  
  • Read and Acknowledge
    Enables tracking and confirmation of critical documents across sites by confirming electronic signatures: e.g. SUSARs. Study team monitoring on document distribution to & receipt at site. 
  • Enhanced Work Flow
    Integration with other electronic systems, including follow-up letter management (with CTMS integration) and eConsent.