ASCO 2017

Recent advances in cancer immunotherapy illustrate virtually unprecedented long-term clinical benefit in some advanced cancer patients, and the potential for a cure seems tangible. In line with the transformation of patient care, we are transforming the clinical development process focused on optimised trial design, site and patient centricity and innovative applied technology.

Meet our experts at ASCO to discuss how these approaches can support your Oncology program and help you to get your drug to market faster.  


Martin Lachs
VP Project Management Oncology

  • Providing in-depth operational and indication expertise for clients in oncology drug development.
  • 25 years in clinical research and development.  Research PhD on the role of extracellular matrix and cell motility factors related to breast cancer at the University of Manchester (UK).

Andreas Dreps
Sr. VP Drug Development Services

  • Advising clients in drug development. 
  • 20 years+ clinical research & development experience. Co-author of the EMA submission dossier of Paclitaxel for ovarian cancer and the FDA /EMA Taxotere submission dossier for breast cancer and NSCLC. Instrumental in the clinical development of several targeted therapies including 2 EGF-R antibodies (Erbitux® and EMD 72.000), angiogenesis inhibitors (Cilengitide) and vaccines (BEC-2, Theratope and BLP-25).

Gene Resnick
Sr. Medical Consultancy

  • 25 years of industry experience across both pharmaceutical and CRO settings. He has filled the following roles:
  • Dr. Resnick’s development experience includes work with chemotherapy agents (Temodar, irinotecan, Gliadel, Targretin, investigational agents), monoclonal antibodies (Herceptin, Mylotarg, investigational agents), tumor vaccines (HER2 target, CD20 target, investigational agents), angiogenesis inhibitors (Avastin, investigational agents), Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (Sunitinib, erlotinib, sorafenib, imatinib, investigational agents), Immunostimulators and Liposome (Doxil/Caelyx).

Debra Kientop
Sr. Director Project Management & Hematology

  • Providing operational and indication expertise for clients in oncology drug development.
  • 18 years' experience. Degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology, as well as an MBA from the University of Wisconsin.

Gary Fishbein
Senior Medical Director, Clinical Research Services

  • 5 years' clinical academic practice at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital focused on gastrointestinal malignancies and was co-director of the Medical Oncology Fellowship Program.
  • 6 years' Oncology practice.
  • 2 year's pharmaceutical experience.
  • 7 years' Medical Director and Senior Medical Director experience working exclusively on oncology studies through all phases of development.