Innovative Solutions for Efficiently Managing and Analysing Local Laboratory Data in Clinical Trials

Eastern Time Webinar

20th February, 2013
Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies conducting clinical trials in therapeutic areas involving more acutely ill study subjects, often face special challenges. Collecting and cleaning local laboratory results tend to be resource intensive; reactive; re-iterative; prone to rework and costly. By making this process easier, less resource-intensive, and more streamlined companies can increase efficiencies, obtained better quality results and reduce costs.

Topics to be covered

  • Therapeutic areas where local labs may be used
  • Challenges collection local lab results
  • Required resources to manage local lab results
  • Innovative solution for managing local lab results
  • Remote access to data
  • Data export solutions
  • Q&A


Jim Wagner
Vice President Technical Services ICON central Lab

Jim is a clinical scientist holding a master’s degree in medical technology. His experience includes over thirty years working in a medical laboratory, twenty years working in a pharmaceutical central lab where he developed his skill through multiple positions, including; laboratory manager, director of project management, director of quality assurance, director of scientific affairs and VP of technical services. Jim’s achievements include the  development and design of an innovative local lab result process and proprietary system - iRIS.

John Reinert,
VP IT-IT Operations

John graduated from Dowling College BS Aeronautics. He beginning his career as Air Traffic Controller, and went on to excel in a number positions, including; Department Manager, Computer Center Manager, Computer Service Center Manager and General Manager. John further developed his expertise and specialisation, working in clinical lab’s as Director IT and Data Services and Global Assistant VP IT & Data Services, before joining ICON Central Laboratories as VP IT and Global Data Services.

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