Adaptive Trials

ICON offers design, simulation and execution of adaptive clinical trials. We are the only CRO that offers the knowledge, software, systems and global footprint to make global adaptive trials a reality.

  • More than a decade of experience in successfully planning and managing nearly 200 adaptive clinical trials for over 30 sponsors
  • Experts with direct involvement in regulatory agency adoption of adaptive design trials and subsequent agency guidance
  • Operational teams and technologies to apply the power of adaptive techniques to drug and medical device trials

Additionally, you have access to the ICON Adaptive Trial Innovation Centre, a group of world leading experts in adaptive design and execution, providing leadership in these key areas:

  • Design, simulation and execution of adaptive trials across all phases of development
  • Development of innovative trial methodologies
  • Customized training in adaptive trial statistical methodology
  • Advice and guidance on the logistical and operational requirements for successful adaptive trial execution