ICON Medical Imaging offers complete solutions for clinical trials that require the acquisition, collection, management and analysis of global medical image data.

We also offer a full Event Adjudication management system for safety, endpoint or adjudication committees. Powered by our MIRA technology, ICON Medical Imaging provides complete access to all study data and complete visibility into your study's progress.

ICON Medical Imaging will accelerate the development of your product through innovative trial designs, integrated informatics and expert project management. Our SOPs, training, attention to detail and clear communication benefit our clients every step in their trial, from study design to post-submission product support.

For more than 25 years, ICON Medical Imaging senior personnel have successfully assisted companies in hundreds of clinical trials, with over 145 clients, resulting in more than 25 NDA/BLA submissions for regulatory approval. Senior personnel at ICON Medical Imaging have pioneered and continue to create methods, procedures and regulatory guidelines leading to the evolution of today’s standards.  ICON Medical Imaging’s superior technology, proven processes, therapeutic expertise and expert project management represent the perfect balance required for maximizing medical data and information used in clinical trials.

ICON Medical Imaging’s complete service offering includes:
  • Medical Imaging CRO Services for Efficacy and / or Safety Endpoints
  • Full-Service Solution for Diagnostic Contrast Agents and Imaging Device Trials
  • Electronic Solutions for Safety, Endpoint and Adjudication Committees