Medical Imaging

The use of medical imaging as a component of clinical trial endpoints is proving to be very valuable in clinical development. It enables improved decision making, increases efficiency, and reduces trial costs.  Sponsors need to work with an imaging partner that can provide strategic advice on the design and development of trial protocols using imaging biomarkers.

Bringing you the best of both worlds

Working with ICON offers you the advantages of both an industry leading specialist provider combined with a global CRO. 

Industry leading experts

With over 20 years of experience, our medical imaging team is the most experienced team in the industry. We develop core laboratory technologies, and advise on FDA Guidance documents. Our breadth of experience and expertise across phases, indications, therapeutic area and indications will bring real value to your clinical development.  Our experts have experience in all anlaysis criteria. 

Integrated Medical Imaging solutions

Our comprehensive services range from standalone to full service solutions including;

  • Assessing clinical trial endpoints for Phase I–IV trials
  • Imaging for efficacy and safety: 1°, 2°, exploratory endpoints
  • Support for early phase decision making
  • Statistical support for validation of novel scales and methods

Global access

There are no borders to our Medical Imaging service. We leverage our international network to deliver the service regardless of location. Global standard processes enable us to provide consistent, high quality data.

World class project management

Our highly trained project management professionals have oversight across all services and studies. They will ensure that you benefit from a fully integrated approach.

Applied innovation

We offer flexible, leading technology solutions for collecting, managing, and processing image data.

ICON’s imaging experts have expanded tumour volumetric expertise, and automated tools that allow you to manipulate ROIs. Our leading technology platforms include MIRA™, SQUARE™, and PIER™ and enable us to offer;

  • Flexible and time sensitive review processes
  • Practical solutions for rapid data review
  • Adherence to study timelines
  • Global accessibility
  • Secure on-site and off-site data review systems

When working with us, you will also have access to our full technology portfolio including FIRECREST.  This is our award winning online site training and study platform which can support more effective training and management of investigators, site teams, and independent reviewers. 

Experience you can trust

  • 200 certified physicians, scientists, and technologists
  • 700+ trials in the last 5 years
  • 25 FDA approvals delivered