The ultimate investigator training and support system

As clinical trials become more complex, an increasing burden is being placed on investigators who have to deal with the frequent protocol amendments, more complex procedures and an ever expanding case report form. Ineffective training, inadequate communications and poor data capture methods contribute to poor trial performances which inevitably result in delayed recruitment, frequent non-compliances with protocols and ultimately, delayed study close-out and market approval.

ICON’s Firecrest delivers an innovative suite of training, performance support and study management tools which can significantly improve the compliance, consistency, and execution of all study-related activities at all sites and by all study personnel.

Firecrest eliminates inefficient and labour intensive study processes, reducing costs and providing full transparency of investigator competency, compliance and execution to site monitors and sponsors.

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Proven Results

Reduction in overall trial costs
Reduction in protocol deviations
Increase in patient recruitment
Reduction in data queries