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Partners making a difference


At ICON our reputation is built on enduring partnerships that are driven to advance medicine and make a difference in the world. Since our inception in 1990, we’ve worked as a ‘trusted partner’ to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients, collaborating, innovating, and finding new ways together to improve outcomes. This is the lifeblood of our business and the vision that has shaped our strategy more than any other.

Trusted partner

Trusted partner

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that so much more can be achieved when all players in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries work together, in a truly collaborative way. The opportunity now is to take what we have learned and continue to drive progress.  At ICON, this means working in a way that goes beyond a traditional CRO. It means being a trusted partner.

Applied innovation

Applied innovation

We understand that first and foremost, clients want consistent and effective clinical development. Critical to that is better quality data and the insights which that data delivers.

At ICON, this means we are focused on better and new ways of designing and executing clinical research and anticipating future trends to move beyond the status quo. Our approach is one that applies “healthcare intelligence”, the harmonisation of our human experience and expertise, with the most robust suite of clinical capabilities in the industry, technology, and insightful data resources.

We are focused on the factors that are most critical to sponsors and that drive value. Our overarching goal is simple; rapid access to, and analysis of, high-quality data to speed up and improve decision-making.

  • We use an integrated approach to identify common drug development problems
  • We leverage process improvement in technology to tackle those problems
  • We focus on core milestones to measure the impact
  • Once proven, we build these innovations into our standard practice and tailor our delivery to meet your needs
  • 90%

    of our trials are ahead of schedule or under budget

Successful outcomes

This is an exciting time for our industry. By partnering together, ICON and our clients are driving progress in:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness of clinical research through better data, greater speed, and higher return on investment.
  • Greater diversity in patient trials, by understanding and addressing the social, regulatory, and economic issues needed to affect change
  • Patient-centricity in all areas of clinical development, by designing and delivering in ways that improve the patient experience

We have set our ambition to be over 20% better than industry benchmarks for our client milestones and outcomes. We track ourselves against these benchmarks and are transparent in sharing our performance.