Hiroshi Ichikawa

Hiroshi Ichikawa

VP & General Management Japan, ICON plc

ICON plc is one of the world's top CROs, offering a wide range of services ranging from clinical trials in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices to Outcome Study, imaging and clinical examination.  In addition, as signs of a big wave of innovation are appearing in pharmaceutical development, ICON is working on utilizing advanced technology at the early timing to provide state-of-the-art solutions to pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, doctors and patients.

ICON Japan has been engaged in operations mainly from global projects with relatively limited number of people, but it has becoming a big mission to expand the cutting-edge services of ICON in Japan, where the size of the medical market is large.  Compared with the global presence of ICON plc, the scale of Japan is still small, but while the clinical trial method changes drastically, we think that it is a big opportunity to expand the business at this point by creating an organization that can respond flexibly to leading-edge solutions.  Also in the past few years, several global examinations have been launched from Japan, and leaders who are active in Asia and the global have become increasingly necessary.

The strength of ICON is expertise and experience in the oncology area.  Over 50% in global and over 60% in Japan are oncology related projects.  From now on, we will further strengthen the oncology field, but also there is an increasing need for other areas of medicines, especially biotechnology products, medical devices, outcome research after approval of manufacturing and marketing.  We are also working to expand personnel in these aspects.

In Japan, through combining the strengths of global CROs and the expertise and experience cultivated in Japan's oncology domain and others, ICON Japan provides world-class solutions and performances and contributes clients as a reliable partner in the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.