Capturing, curating and consuming data for integrated decentralised clinical trials.

ICON has applied its experience to develop this built-for-purpose platform hosted securely on Microsoft Azure.

API-first technology is used to enable an efficient configuration and integration of clinical trial data.

The platform is modular, configurable, scalable and meets compliance and regulatory standards such as 21 CRF Part 11.


Bringing benefits to your study

  • Global scalability

  • Reduced study deployment timelines

  • Modern modular architecture enabling flexible, customisable configurability

  • Reduced data integration timelines

  • Interoperability across systems including EHR, EDC, IRT

  • Harmonised integration of all patient and site services needed for decentralised clinical trials
  • Enhanced IRB submission and accuracy
    • First-of-its-kind eCOA library with validation, certification, and translations


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