Selecting optimum sites for your study

Research shows that selecting under or non-performing sites can cost over $4 million annually and approximately 11% of sites failing to recruit a single patient.  

The diversity, poor quality and inconsistency of information available in identifying suitable investigators make choosing high performance sites difficult  and can lead to study delays and increased costs.

Applied Innovation

One Search an intuitive, integrated workflow and interrogation tool from ICON, enables access to multiple data sources and provides the visualisation and tools necessary for optimum site identification based on ICON and industry data of capability, experience and performance. Scoring on enrolment performance, speed of start-up and quality supports better selection and leads to;

  • Reduction in the percentage of low performing sites
  • Increase in the percentage of studies meeting planned First Patient In (FPI)
  • Improvement in study start-up and site cycle times
  • Increased efficiency in process by reduction of manual tasks

Study teams can quickly view, filter, review and propose investigators and institutions from a single platform. One Search also provides a central location for country reviewers to contribute their local expertise.  Map visualisations assist in selecting a well dispersed selection of sites for access to the patient population.

Including therapeutic area and indication experience along with performance data; such as recruitment rates and start up cycle times; the most suitable site can be identified, proposed and study start-up targets are achieved.  

One Search

Selecting the right sites based on data