Adaptive clinical trials can reduce time-to-market and cut development costs

An adaptive design clinical trial can help to create a stronger value proposition for your medical device and give you a competitive edge, by reducing development costs and accelerating time-to-market.

Forty senior executives from a variety of cross-functional areas including clinical research and development, biostatistics, project management, and clinical operations contributed to research on the adoption and impact of adaptive design clinical trials.

Operational Challenges in Adaptive Trials

Avoiding key sources of error

Adaptive design is a novel clinical trial approach that is supposed to maximise efficiency and portfolio value. In the Operational Challenges of Adaptive Trials: Integrated Technology and Best Practices for Successful Implementation white paper, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome three critical operational challenges that could prevent success in an adaptive clinical trial
  • Four criteria you should fulfil in order to ensure a robust technology infrastructure for adaptive design
  • Several real-world examples of adaptive design errors and how to fix them

Technological advantage

Technological infrastructure is key in adaptive clinical trials to ensuring study efficacy and integrity.


Designated as “fit-for-purpose” by the FDA, this powerful statistical tool can improve dose-finding in your adaptive clinical trial or incorporate MCP-Mod into ADDPLAN DF.


Flex Advantage

Read the Whitepaper to learn more about using FLEX ADVANTAGE for an efficient and compliant Adaptive Clinical Trial.


  • How the FLEX ADVANTAGE platform facilitates crucial processes, including complex what-if scenario modelling and precise statistical analysis
  • Why the integration of FLEX ADVANTAGE with electronic data capture can expedite data-cleaning and enhance risk-based monitoring
  • How FLEX ADVANTAGE is used to maintain study blinding, ensure data analysis integrity, and accelerate decision-making in real-world adaptive clinical trials