ASCO 2019

Transforming Oncology Trials

Innovative solutions that help optimise every aspect of a CAR-T oncology initiative

Recent developments in immunotherapies, such as (CAR) T-Cell therapy, illustrate virtually unprecedented long-term clinical benefits in some advanced cancer patients, and the potential for a cure seems tangible. These approaches have the potential to push the boundaries of what people thought were possible in cancer therapeutics.

ICON’s team of experts have the insights and approaches born out of our immersion in the field that make us equipped to address unique challenges in developing CAR-T trials.

Meet our experts at ASCO to discuss how these approaches can support your Oncology program and help you to get your drug to market.

Meet ICON Experts at ASCO, Booth 24097

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Featured Experts

Andreas Dreps

Sr. VP, Drug Development Services

  • 20+ years clinical research & development experience
  • Advising clients in drug development

  • Co-author of the EMA submission dossier of Paclitaxel for ovarian cancer and the FDA /EMA Taxotere submission dossier for breast cancer and NSCLC

  • Instrumental in the clinical development of several targeted therapies, including 2 EGF-R antibodies (Erbitux® and EMD 72.000), angiogenesis inhibitors (Cilengitide) and vaccines (BEC-2, Theratope and BLP-25).

Gary Fishbein

Sr. Medical Director, Clinical Research Services

  • 6 years' Oncology practice and 2 year's pharma experience.
  • 7 years' Medical Director and Senior Medical Director experience working exclusively on oncology studies through all phases of development.
  • 5 years' clinical academic practice at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital focused on gastrointestinal malignancies and was co-director of the Medical Oncology Fellowship Program.

Martin Lachs

VP, Project Management, Oncology

  • 25+ years in clinical research and development
  • Research PhD on the role of extracellular matrix and cell motility factors related to breast cancer at the University of Manchester (UK) 
  • Providing in-depth operational and indication expertise for clients in oncology drug development

James Pluda MD

Medical Director

  • 28+ years in the field of oncology drug development, both oncology medical affairs and clinical research
  • 16 years at the National Cancer Institute and 13 years in the pharmaceutical drug industry
  • ABIM board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology who throughout his career has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles and book chapters

Cindy Spittle

VP, Development and Scientific Affairs

  • 20+ years of experience in oncology biomarker translational research and diagnostic assay development 
  • Provides strategic scientific leadership related to oncology drug development and biomarker trends as well as new technology platforms and products

Paul McCracken

VP, Head of ICON Medical Imaging

  • Over 20 years’ experience in imaging and pharmaceuticals, with a strong track record of applying imaging and biomarkers to drug discovery and development across a range of therapeutic areas
  • Previously founded and led a Imaging Centre of Excellence, which drove novel approaches for discovery targets and translational biomarkers, primarily through the introduction of imaging genetics and the acceleration of novel PET approaches
  • Has developed preclinical and translational imaging biomarkers and strategies to assess new molecular and biologic entities