FT Digital Health Summit Europe

19 June 2018, Berlin

Thriving Amid Uncertainty

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ICON is proud to sponsor the third Financial Times Digital Health Summit Europe (Berlin, June 19th), the theme of which is 'From Fragmentation to Integration' – focusing on the approaches, investment and frameworks needed to implement connected health solutions.

Following our recent announcement, speakers from ICON and Intel will be participating together on a panel discussion of ‘The digital reinvention of clinical trials’.

As a lead sponsor, ICON is pleased to offer clients and other third parties, a 25% discount of the registration fee – a saving of €250 off the full registration price of €999.

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As lead sponsor, ICON is pleased to offer its clients a 25% discount of the Summit registration costs

The digital reinvention of clinical trials

Digital technologies are starting to prove their worth in the quest to tackle costs and inefficiencies and streamline the clinical trial process.

  • In what ways are pharma companies adapting their R&D processes and accelerating progress towards digital drug discovery?
  • How can AI technologies, such as machine learning, be used to provide better insights, analysis and understanding of data?
  • How is regulation evolving and what barriers does it pose?
  • Could trials be conducted entirely using measurements taken with remote devices?
  • What would this do to costs and patient engagement?
  • And what would it mean for trial design?