FT US Pharma and Biotech Summit

14 May, 2019, New York

Securing the Future: Disrupting the Pharma Business Model

ICON is proud to sponsor the FT US Pharma and Biotech Summit (New York, May 14th), the theme of which is ‘Securing the Future: Disrupting the Pharma Business Model’ – focusing on the critical issues set to re-shape the sector – with discussion on which strategies pharma companies can employ to protect profitability as the competitive landscape continues to evolve?

25% discount for ICON clients

As a lead sponsor, ICON is pleased to offer clients and other third parties, a 25% discount on the registration fee – a saving of $338 off the full registration price of $1,350.

The disruption which has become a feature of the pharma landscape in recent years show no signs of slowing pace - from the increasingly complex and uncertain political and pricing environment and the arrival of CAR-T, to the rise of digital therapeutics.

The advent of the new wave of advanced cell and gene therapies will move pharma further in the direction of high specialized and personalized drug development. At the same time, pharma must find a way to win in the burgeoning business of disease management, prevention and improved patient outcomes if it is to secure its place in the increasingly value-oriented healthcare world.

ICON Keynote Interview (11:25 am)

Kim Boericke

Kim Boericke

Executive Vice President, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes

Kim Boericke was appointed EVP of ICON Commercialisation and Outcomes Services in January 2019, having previously served as EVP Global Program Management since 2014, where she was responsible for a number of therapeutic units (Oncology, Cardiovascular/Metabolic Diseases, CNS and Aging Diseases, Rare Diseases, Infectious Disease and Vaccines, Internal Medicine and Immunosciences, and Biosimilars).