With the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, and the rapidly approaching deadlines to comply with the new European Regulation on in vitro diagnostics (IVDR), IVD manufacturers will need to prepare for an ever-evolving clinical and regulatory landscape, and create mitigation strategies that allow for quick, agile changes to keep studies on track. Additionally, manufacturers will need to adopt a strategy to address gaps in meeting new regulations to avoid potential UK and European Union product availability issues. Understanding current guidance and adapted regulations is the first step to navigating the transformations undergoing the diagnostics field and the broader healthcare industry. In this article, Angela Brown and Nicole Cowan provide an overview of today’s regulatory setting and discuss how manufacturers can develop strategies to ensure a successful transition to comply with the IVDR by the 2022 deadline, including: overcoming the shortage of Notified Bodies; assessing product portfolios and quality systems; planning and implementing technical file remediation; and managing the IVD lifecycle.

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