This three part video series examines some of the factors that should be considered to ensure that clinical trial data captured via wearable devices, is monitored expeditiously and effectively.

Part 1: Capture

Part one of our video series talks about key considerations to developing a patient-centric trial, primary source data, and approaches and challenges to data capture. Learn from Ewa Lindqvist, Associate Director, as she shares her insights.

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Part 2: Curate

David Hayes, Director of DCT Operations, leads part two of our video series by explaining data curation, central nervous system, accounting for data collection via wearables, and what it takes to run an integrated solution.

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Part 3: Consume

In the final part of our video series, Christina Dinger, Director of Business Operations, shares her insights on the impact of data capture and curation on the consumer, central review mechanisms on DCTs, and how teams should address analytic output in studies with short lead-in timelines and fast enrollments.

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