ICON plc have initiated a project to update their current Procure To Pay (P2P) system to help ICON operating units seamlessly interact with their suppliers from their multiple operating units (OU’s). 

Work has begun on implementing this new system and will be rolled out to all OU’s. As part of this exercise, we are taking the opportunity to update and validate all of our supplier information.

What action do you need to take now?

ICON plc have engaged with SourceDogg, a company who specialises in collecting supplier data for organisations. SourceDogg have been requested to gather supplier information on our behalf. They have issued an email to all suppliers requesting them to provide updated payment information to support a smooth transition to our new P2P system.

We would appreciate your cooperation by responding to the SourceDogg Request.

We are using this webpage to keep our Suppliers informed of our progress and to provide information to you.

Terms and Conditions

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions if you have any questions as these may already be answered:

Q. I supply to multiple ICON entities and bill them in different currencies, what do I do?
A. Please contact SourceDogg Support using their Live Chat facility or email support@sourcedogg.com, explain the situation and they will provide you with additional online forms to complete for each variant in payment details you may have.

Q. I have already responded to this request from SourceDogg, why have I received a further reminder?
A. As ICON plc have multiple OUs in different countries, it is possible that we have more than one record for your organisation. If there is no variation in the payment details you need to provide, please contact SourceDogg using their Live Chat facility or email support@sourcedogg.com and they will update all records for your organisation

Q. I need to invoice ICON for some recent work, what should I do?
A. Nothing has changed yet to existing payment process so please continue to invoice us as before. We will be notifying all suppliers when we change systems.

Q. I haven’t done business with ICON for over 2 years, do I still need to complete this?
A. If you haven’t done business with ICON for over 2 years it is advisable you notify SourceDogg.

Q. How I can obtain a purchase order for my services?
A. You should deal with your ICON business contact, who will raise a PO for you, should your organisation be switched to P2P

Q. Can I request more information from ICON directly?
A. We ask you to deal with SourceDogg primary, but should you need to contact us, please email to P2P_GPST_SUPPORT@iconplc.com. We will be happy to assist you.

Procurement Terms