Customised cost effective solutions

ICON’s team of dedicated clinical supplies managers will ensure the most appropriate and cost effective IP management service for your trial.

They are specially trained in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and have over ten years’ experience (on average) in the pharmaceutical industry.  From First in Human early phase to post-marketing phase IV surveillance trials, the ICON clinical supplies managers have the experience to coordinate your unique trial requirements and apply cost-effective solutions to even the most complex studies.

The FLEX ADVANTAGE suite of trial supply management tools streamline inventory management and enable supply optimisation, reducing costs and wastage. 

Supported by high-quality global logistic services

A global partner with local knowledge

ICON’s Global Logistics team strategically manages all your clinical trial logistical needs across the globe, integrating seamlessly into your study’s operations. Our locally based staff and depots provide you with the specialised knowledge needed to run an efficient clinical trial.

We provide import and export services, logistics coordination and depot and distribution services. ICON combines our global expertise in clinical trial logistics with a strong local understanding of the most challenging regions. Our experts continuously track regulatory updates by relevant authorities and communicate with licensed customs brokers on a daily basis.

Import/export services

Our experts manage import and export processes beginning at the study start-up stage and continuing through the end of a study:

  • Local import/export lead services
  • Guidance for obtaining all necessary import and export permissions
  • Review and approval of shipping documents
  • Shipment tracking during international distribution process
  • Customs clearance in the country of destination with subsequent export or return of supplies back to the owner

Logistics coordination

We deliver seamless logistics coordination with our team managing external vendors. Our capabilities cover the coordination of all study-related logistic activities, including:

  • Depot set-up
  • Clinical trial supplies sourcing
  • Shipments and distribution
  • Destruction and return of clinical trial supplies

Depot and distribution services

We provide high quality, reliable, and cost-effective depot and distribution services. Through our own depot locations and extensive third-party depot partner network, we support clinical trials with a full scope of warehousing and logistics services, ensuring the highest industry operational standards.

We have our own depot locations in:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus

We have depot partner provided coverage in:
Georgia, Serbia, Moldova, Turkey, Israel, Taiwan, South Africa, Philippines, South Korea

Learn more about our services here, or contact us to find out more about how we can provide the logistics and support for clinical supplies management.