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Decentralised & hybrid clinical solutions

Bringing the clinical trial to the patient with innovation and in-home solutions

Decentralised Clinical Trials (DCTs) have the potential to improve recruitment and retention, and increase patient diversity, by putting the patient at the centre of clinical trial design.

Experience and expertise to guide you through the process

Decentralised and hybrid trials bring a wide range of benefits to the patient and the sponsor. However, every study needs to be assessed for suitability and requires a framework based on a range of different aspects and considerations.  You need a partner who can guide you through the choices and support you in developing a solution that works specifically for your study. 

ICON is already deploying decentralised and hybrid clinical trials on a global basis in multiple therapeutic areas and will support you in navigating the assessment, planning and execution.

We have the range of services needed to deploy these trials.

Bringing benefits to your study 

In addition to addressing the challenge of patient recruitment and retention, DCTs bring other benefits to your study including:   

  • More timely insight: The efficient collection of real-world data continuously or more frequently from patients, enables you to see what is happening in near real-time to mitigate against risk. 
  • Reduced data variability: Data collection directly from the source and in real-time reduces the likelihood of missing data and increases the quality of the data. 
  • Centralised monitoring and data analytics enable the study team to detect data anomalies in real-time preventing repeated errors at the site from the outset and reducing the level of on-site monitoring required.  

Increasing access and reducing burden for patients 

  • Making it easier for patients to participate by bringing the visits to their home or a location convenient to them, and through the introduction of digital health technology (sensors or wearables). 
  • Wider access for patients through an expanded geographical footprint and to under-represented populations which increases the levels of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials.

Decentralised and hybrid clinical trials

Insights from ICON covering all aspects of decentralised and hybrid trials including patient centricity, digital health technologies, in-home clinical visits and remote monitoring.

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