Proactive risk detection and mitigation

Patient Centric Monitoring, ICON’s risk based, patient focused methodology for the design and execution of adaptive monitoring, is compliant with the risk based approach advocated in these new guidelines. We have the insight to deliver quality data to support your clinical trial.

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Patient Centric Monitoring Methodology

  • 25%

    Potential reduction in monitoring costs
  • 7,800+

    Sites globally
  • 50+

    Patient studies completed

Improve patient protection

Our approach focuses on detecting, mitigating and preventing errors which could lead to risk. Efficiencies are achieved with emphasis on activities that have the greatest potential to improve patient protection and data reliability. In the design and execution of the monitoring strategy, ICON puts the patient at the centre of decision making.   

Highly skilled professionals proactively identify and manage the range of risks that arise in modern, multi-centre clinical trials using proprietary technology and tools.

Innovative data analysis

ICONIK, our technology platform,  is used to systematically classify and analyse the causes of trial errors.  This helps CRAs deploy the right risk mitigation support to the sites that need them most.

Site specific solutions

Patient Centric Monitoring enables us to respond to issues faster; whether it is addressing underlying cultural serial factors or allocating additional resources.

This proactive early detection and mitigation of risk brings the benefit of more effective resource deployment, bringing real value to your clinical study with experience in over 50 studies involving over 7,800 sites, we have the insight to deliver quality data to support your clinical trial.