Quicker start-up and improved study performance

The ICON Global Site Network combines our integrated site network and healthcare alliance network in North America and Europe, to provide greater access to patients and multi-specialty physicians for our clients. This network of research sites, offers proven, professional clinical research resources and infrastructure for your clinical research.

Integrated Site Network
By implementing robust research infrastructures in large, multispecialty health systems, our integrated site networks PMG Research and recently acquired MeDiNova Research (May 2019), unlock access to hundreds of thousands of patients, streamlines the clinical trial process, and delivers an unprecedented model of predictability and standardisation in clinical research. 

Quicker start-up
Experienced, regulatory, contracts and start-up staff support the site to be activated more quickly and streamlined standardised processes for trial conduct result in successful enrollment and delivery of high quality data.

Quality training and management
Consistent, centralised training programs in quality assurance and compliance ensures that we are inspection ready. Centralised SOPs and Core Operating Guidelines (COGs) as well as oversight and a focus on quality results in positive outcomes.

Study design and protocol evaluation
Based on data collated on multiple studies, across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas and indications, ICON can provide the insight and advice to vary the protocol and positively enhance patient access and decision making.

Site and patient burden assessment for protocol optimisation
Our integrated site network provides direct access to Investigators to review study operations and resolve standard of care questions and connection to patients to query procedure burden and patient centric approaches. We will review with you the features of the study protocol, exploring the risks and how these might impact patient enrollment. Time and motion analysis enables us to review the burden level of the trial on the investigative site and the patient. This together with industry data and experience from previous studies helps us to identify the potential risks and enables us to develop a site and patient solution that meets the challenges of your specific study.

Clinical research as a care option for patients

Patient Voice

Delivered by PMG Research, the Patient Voice programme enables us to leverage the patient perspective for feasibility, recruitment and retention. This research and insight, based on information from patient surveys, forums and focus groups, also supports our patient recruitment and retention team and therapeutic specialists as they identify the key milestones in the patient journey.

By collectively leveraging this information we are able to develop and put in place protocol-specific support solutions and patient engagement strategies resulting in a more holistic, patient-centric approach. Using the patient profile and the treatment pathway to further define who the patient is, we create a customised recruitment and retention strategy for the entire study.