Patient retention is a well-known challenge in clinical trials with some research suggesting 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients.[1]  

Reducing patient burden is essential if we want to patients to consider clinical research as a care option and also stay engaged throughout the trial.

We make it convenient and easier for patients 
to participate by taking study visits to where they live, work or study.  Specialised in­home and alternate­site clinical services delivered by Symphony Clinical Research (Acquired by ICON in 2019) can be provided in all phases and a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Some of the benefits include;

  • Enhanced patient enrollment – more patients will consider participation because of the option to interact with study staff either at home or in more convenient locations   
  • Increased patient retention – patients are less likely to drop-out as participating is so much easier for them
  • Improved compliance – with more individual attention the healthcare professional will be able to address any question so that the patient will be able to understand more fully aspects of the trial to remain compliant.  

Symphony Research has successfully deployed these services for a large number of clinical trials and is already operating on five continents.

Alternate-site services are tailored to specific study requirements and the patient population and include the following options:

  • Study drug administration (infusion, inhaled, injection, topical, oral)
  • Blood collection or local and central laboratory processing (PK, PD, safety labs)
  • Biological sample collection
  • Vital signs, weight and height
  • ECG
  • Training, coaching, and education for patients (self­administration)
  • Timely communication for Site safety and reporting
  • Patient questionnaires and diaries
  • Device education and management
  • Medical waste disposal
  • ICH/GCP, data security and privacy, dangerous goods and other regulatory compliance

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