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To develop and execute successful real world evidence, commercialisation and market access strategies for your product pipeline and on-market products, you need to stay fully informed about ongoing developments in global healthcare systems, relevant pricing and reimbursement trends and policies.

Our Commercialisation & Outcomes Briefings provide insights, information, and analysis on:

  • Payer trends, and drivers of market access success
  • Pricing policy and regulations in key markets
  • Regulatory agency requirements and policies that govern market approval, and the impact on reimbursement decisions
  • Innovative therapeutic advancements

ASCO 2018 Annual Meeting Briefing

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Current Issue – June 2018

ICON Access, Commercialisation & Communications experts recently attended the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting, June 1 to June 5, in Chicago.

From the meeting proceedings, it is evident that strides are being made in precision medicine, real-world data collection and sharing, and digital tools such as wearables and apps, which should in turn lead to more streamlined drug development approaches, enhanced clinical decision making and practice management, and improved patient access to care. The current focus on cost and quality measures is also providing new challenges for developers of pharmaceuticals, practitioners, and patient access.

The proceedings of this year’s meeting demonstrated advances in drug development and diagnostics as well as clinical care approaches to improve patient outcomes, and provided insights into the benefits and challenges of precision medicine in clinical practice. Breast, lung, and gastrointestinal cancers were areas of heavy focus, as were hematologic malignancies. Highly-effective, state-of-the-art therapies are transforming the cancer treatment landscape, but pricing and accessibility continue as obstacles.