Delivering custom translation programs to meet the needs of your study

ICON is the only full-service, ISO 17100:2015 certified translation provider situated within a top-10 CRO, offering total harmonisation between product development processes and translation methodology. 

Our full range of offerings, 200+ years of collective translation project management experience, and network of highly experienced linguists ensure top quality translations and adherence to best practices in the clinical research industry.

  • 200+

    Years of collective translation project management experience
  • 2,500+

    Qualified language professionals
  • 175+


ICON has unhindered scalability with a global network of over 2500 qualified language professionals, including linguistic validation specialists, covering more than 175 languages across every location where clinical research takes place.

Our team of industry experts will help you design a custom translation program to suit the needs of your study or company, to save money, reduce risk and improve quality.

Services include:

  • Clinical Translations
  • Linguistic Validation
  • Translatability Assurance
  • Translation Technologies