End-to-end site and patient support for continued engagement in late phase studies

Late phase drug and post market device studies usually require enlisting far more study sites than for earlier phases of research – typically hundreds around the world, many of which are research naïve, without significant research experience. Yet, overseeing so many sites that require significant support using traditional site management models can be excessively complex and expensive.

ICON provides an innovative, technology-enabled, operational model to provide end-to-end site and patient support and ensure continued engagement. Our global research services hubs are designed specifically for managing late-phase drug studies and pre-and post market medical device studies, in multiple languages and cultures. We apply lean design, underpinned by a state of-the art global telephony platform for rapid and efficient support to sites and patients.

Comprehensive services and solutions

Site Services
–Site selection & activation
–24/7 inbound support
–Risk-based monitoring
–Site management & engagement
–Patient-First Rapid Site Activation

Patient Services
–Patient contact centre (inbound/outbound)
–Direct to patient research (holistic solution including PRO, wearables, remote visits, etc.)
–Digital patient recruitment
–Patient insights (patient communities/advocacy groups/social listening,etc.)
–Patient engagement (including lay summaries/patient outcomes communications)
–Patient reimbursement
–Patient centered services (strategy/content/creative/execution)