Real World Intelligence - Accelerating Market Access Through a Deeper Understanding of Patient Experiences and Priorities

As healthcare continues towards a patient-centric, value based approach, key stakeholders are asking new questions.

  • How will patients respond to a drug or medical device when it enters the ‘real world’?
  • How does a products’ value proposition hold up against competitors and within the current standards of care?
  • Which subsets of patients are likely to see the greatest benefit?

ICON employs Real World Intelligence, bringing together real world data, advanced technology and dedicated experts to answer these important questions.

Scientific Expertise

Our global team of epidemiologists and outcomes research scientists access rich secondary data sources around the globe to profile burden of illness, assess patterns of use and understand prescriber and patient experiences, for cost-effective and timely insights into the real-world use of your products.

Strategic Consulting Services

We take a hands on approach, through consulting and workshops, to create a real world evidence generation roadmap to drive your specific objectives, building a step-by-step plan to identify and execute a comprehensive RWE strategy customised for your product.

RWE Technology Platform

Our configurable technology platform is a fit-for-purpose solution to support and enhance your observational research needs to:

  • Gather disparate RWD assets into a common data model
  • Provide analytics to support multiple audiences across the product lifecycle
  • Establish a central repository and analytic platform for all of your RWD assets

With ICON, you get a deeper understanding of patient experiences and priorities, to accelerate market access and ensure you products are truly aligned to payer and provider demands. With our real world evidence assets you can drive better site and patient engagement for more streamlined studies.