We offer DNA extraction capabilities as well as specimen storage services and sample management

ICON capabilities

For sponsors requiring support for DNA extractions, we have developed procedures that produce high quality and high yield DNA. ICON Central Laboratories offers two methods for DNA extractions.

Our primary method of extraction is a modified salt precipitation method. The quality of material rendered from this extraction process is acceptable for PCR, Southern blotting and sequencing downstream testing.

Upon request, ICON Central Laboratories will send our extracted material to the client’s selected pharmacogenomic laboratory to ensure that the extraction material meets study specific clinical requirements.

Our laboratories also extract high quality RNA =This material is well suited for downstream applications such as Northern analysis, RT-PCR and Gene Chip Sequencing.

As a full service central laboratory, ICON Laboratory Services offers a diverse menu of nucleic acid extraction, sample processing, and de-identification capabilities, in addition to, biorepository and sample management services.

ICON Laboratory Services can also provide various quality control procedures to assist in the determination of quality and quantity of isolated nucleic acid.  With options to use state-of-the art automation to accommodate larger batch sizes, as well as manual methods to extract from precious or difficult sample types, ICON Laboratory Services can provide support for any size study.

Specimen storage services

ICON Central Laboratories offers the following sample storage facilities in our wholly-owned laboratories in North America, Europe, Singapore and India:

  • Ambient, refrigerated-20˚C, -70˚C, -80˚C, and -150˚C (liquid nitrogen) freezers; electronically monitored and alarmed to ensure temperature control
  • Significant storage capacity
  • Secure access to storage areas
  • Fully protected by backup generators
  • Full chain of custody procedures
  • Query management procedures
  • Manifesting and tracking of outbound specimens
  • Dedicated project setup and management teams
  • Pharmacogenomic extraction services

The Sample Management Department at ICON Central Laboratories has its own team of data coordinators who are responsible for identifying and resolving any missing or discrepant information related to the samples.

Our Sample Management Department utilises full Chain of Custody procedures to ensure that the status and location of each specimen are known and documented from the time it is received until its final disposition for the study.