Central Imaging Core Labs

We support you through all stages of the clinical trial:

  • Study Start-up
  • Project Management
  • Centralised collection, management and archival of selected clinical data received from our clients for integration with the imaging results
  • Centralised expert Independent blinded image review
  • Delivery of all image data, clinical data, and study documents on trial completion to our clients or their associates as required

Our use of leading edge technology, advanced science and experienced people deliver results. The process begins with precise and thorough analysis of image data and provides you with:

  • Sophisticated 3D volumes
  • Measurements of metabolic changes
  • Measurements of physiological changes
  • Rigorous blinded read designs
  • Electronic case report forms collecting data with built-in logical checks
  • Access to worldwide blinded read facilities
  • Stringent quality checks throughout the process
  • Integrated image databases
  • Permanent archives to our clients or regulatory authorities