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ICON is committed to achieving our clients’ clinical development programs. This content was specifically curated to give you access to helpful information as you develop and deliver new treatments for the most challenging conditions.

A leader in oncology trials

  • 775

    phase 1-4 clinical studies
  • 123,600+

    patients enrolled
  • 32,400+

    sites worldwide

ICON is among the world’s leading CROs for oncology and hematologic malignancy drug development, having participated in pivotal and/or supportive trials and/or provided NDA/key Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA) support services that led to the market approval of 41 important new drug therapies for oncology and hematologic malignancy indications.

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Maximise immuno-oncology trial success through strategic decentralisation

With the rising cost and time to bring new drugs to market, and the need to increase patient diversity and retention, there is increasing demand for decentralised and hybrid immuno-oncology trials. ICON’s commercial connected health platforms, real-world data and information solutions—together with a global site network, home health services and wearables expertise—enable patient-centric decentralised and hybrid trial solutions.

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In-Home services

Reducing patient burden is especially important in oncology studies. Making it convenient for the patient to continue assessments and stay engaged in the trial will support the patient and help you to keep your trial on track. Accellacare In-Home Services (formerly Symphony Clinical Research) can be provided in all phases and a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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Boost trial efficiency with real-world intelligence and tokenisation

Late-stage research for immuno-oncology trials introduces unique challenges. ICON’s specialised services can address these through access to large-scale, patient-reported and real-world data, which can be visualised, aggregated, and analysed. In addition, we employ cutting-edge techniques to link clinical trial data to real-world and third-party data without compromising patients’ identity. The compounding power of tokenisation translates to the accumulation of intelligence, so clinical trials can achieve timely regulatory approval and utilise patient data beyond initial investment for pre-approval and commercialisation.

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Cardiovascular experience

  • 116

    phase 1-4 clinical studies
  • 64,900

    patients enrolled
  • 6,900

    sites globally

ICON has substantial expertise successfully managing the complexities of global, multicenter clinical trials involving cardiology disorders. We have a proven record in project management from early phase development to New Drug Application (NDA) submission. ICON has participated in pivotal and/or supportive trials and/or provided NDA/key Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA) support services that led to the market approval of 11 important new drug therapies for cardiovascular and metabolic  indications.

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Streamline site selection and study start up

The length and complexity of cardiovascular clinical trials make it hard to accurately estimate enrollment and study timelines. ICON can help you to navigate these challenges with an extensive global site network and industry-leading tools to support all aspects of feasibility and site identification.

One Search is ICON's proprietary, intuitive, integrated workflow and AI interrogation tool with access to multiple data sources. It provides the visualisation and data necessary for optimum site identification, to predict which sites have the highest probability to enrol subjects, based on ICON and broader industry data of capability, experience and performance. 

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Integrated endpoint management and adjudication solutions

In cardiovascular trials, endpoints are becoming increasingly complex, and endpoint adjudication is becoming a focal point of regulators. With a key opinion leader network of 650 experts, ICON supports consistent reporting across regions and provides a quality control check through the clinical expert review of principal investigator reporting.

Our adaptable, client-oriented team has developed efficient processes to deliver successful results.Our integrated endpoint management capabilities (eCOA, ePRO), include rating-scale licensing through Mapi Research Trust, the holder of over 5,000 COAs and distributor of more than 600 questionnaires.

ICONIK, ICON’s informatics hub, delivers ongoing endpoint quality control, including near-to real-time checks on inter-scale and inter-visit rating plausibility, rating outliers, missing data points, and the dynamic integration of wearables and sensor data to increase the objectivity of measures.

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