Decentralised Clinical Trial Solutions

End-to-end services, operational model and technology to deliver customised solutions

Experience and expertise to guide you through the process

Decentralised clinical trials improve patient recruitment, retention and diversity, by putting the patient at the centre of clinical trial design.

However, every study needs to be assessed for suitability and requires an approach to choose the right service options, technology and framework for the unique characteristics of the study. Sponsors need a partner who can guide them through the choices and develop a solution that will increase efficiencies and maximise results.

ICON is already deploying decentralised clinical trials on a global basis in multiple therapeutic areas and will support you in navigating the assessment, planning and execution for better outcomes.

Bringing benefits to your study

  • Improved patient recruitment and rate of enrolment as a result of increasing geographical outreach, making it easier for patients to participate or/and through the introduction of digital health technologies.

  • Enhanced patient experience, retention and compliance rates by connecting, monitoring and engaging patients at every step of the clinical trial journey with customised support services.

  • Increased access to diverse patient populations and under-represented communities by removing barriers (such as travel) and adopting digital patient recruitment strategies for community outreach.

  • Reduced data variability and quality by collecting data in real time directly from source and building solutions on a risk management and quality assurance framework.

  • Reduced risk with centralised remote monitoring and data analytics enabling the study team to detect and react to data anomolies in real-time.

Keeping up to date with industry developments

Insights on all aspects of decentralised clinical trials including patient centricity, digital health technologies, regulatory aspects and more.

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