Developing transformative therapies with small & mid-sized biopharma companies requires a flexible approach

Helping biotech meet critical milestones.


Biotechnology companies are at the epicenter of innovative drug development, with discoveries spanning from genomic medicines to first-in-class immunotherapies. Typically focused on a small portfolio of compounds, or just a single compound, in a particular therapeutic indication, many biotechs lack the full spectrum of resources or infrastructure required to bring these novel therapies to market.

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    ICON has the world's largest dedicated biotech division
  • 8,000+ 

    staff dedicated exclusively to biotech customers
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    ICON supports over 500 biotech sponsors annually

Our empowered structure enables flexibility and quick decision-making within the global reach one of the world’s biggest and most innovative CROs. Our biotech division of 8,000+ people operates with a mindset aligned to small and mid-sized biopharma. Our tailored teams and management understand the different pressures that are faced by biotechs and will engage, collaborate and share ownership in the delivery of your clinical trials.

ICON helps biotechs to meet their critical milestones and deliver data and evidence-based results to investors, large pharma partners, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders with responsiveness, accessibility, and true collaboration.

Optimising biotech funding whitepaper series

In this two-part whitepaper series on biotech funding, we firstly share insights on how biotechs can secure funding in a highly competitive market, and then shed light on the opportunities available to utilise these funds more effectively and efficiently.

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2023 biotech sector survey

Navigating biotech's challenges and embracing a promising tomorrow

Using exclusive data from ICON’s 2023 survey with Citeline, this report presents valuable insights from 133 influential decision-makers within biotech and venture capital organisations from across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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Early engagement and regulatory considerations for biotech

Gain insight into the common questions small and emerging biotech companies face, and the importance of early engagement and regulatory affairs when developing an asset and considering a drug development partner.

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Reflections on Bio€quity Europe 2023

Discover ICON’s valuable insights from the 23rd annual Bio€quity Europe conference. As a Regional Host Committee member ICON was uniquely placed to evaluate the key trends set to dominate the biotech funding environment. 

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Exploring partnership culture and its impact on outsourcing and operational strategy

Partnership culture within the clinical research industry has often been overlooked as a component of a successful outsourcing strategy. However, culture can support, inform, and maintain strategies and operational decision-making.

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Procedural and regulatory know-how for China biotechs in the EU

Learn how to navigate the European Medicines Agency registration and regulation procedures and gain access to a potential patient pool of 500 million people.

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