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The future of clinical development

Evolving today’s best practices to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

ICON is expanding the possibilities of clinical research and delivering a better, more impactful tomorrow for our customers, partners, and patients.

As the world’s largest and most comprehensive clinical research organisation powered by Healthcare Intelligence – the harmonisation of our experience, expertise, insights, data, and technology – we effectively perform the vital, day-to-day functions of a CRO while innovating processes to make clinical operations even more efficient. We strive to work as a trusted partner, guiding our customers through the ever-evolving landscape of clinical development so they can better achieve their business goals.

Advanced clinical solutions – powered by Healthcare Intelligence.

ICON is completely committed to achieving customers’ clinical development programs. With a singular focus on clinical research and commercialisation, ICON offers highly focused, integrated services and solutions that strategically and proactively solve today’s challenges without losing sight of their impact tomorrow.

Healthcare Intelligence (HI) is a synthesis of our human experience and expertise, the most robust suite of clinical capabilities in the industry, and forward-thinking data insights. Together, these elements allow us to provide proactive guidance and built-to-spec solutions across every phase of clinical research and drug development.

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Wide reaching services. Wide reaching impact.

ICON offers the most comprehensive suite of integrated clinical development and commercialisation services in the industry.

We provide proactive insights and guidance across every phase of clinical research, helping our customers achieve their goals across a seamless delivery model spanning their product’s entire development cycle.

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Quicker to treatment with fewer hurdles.

Our integrated decentralised and hybrid clinical trial solutions help maximise recruitment and retention. Our end-to-end digital technologies are configured for study optimisation, data integration, and analysis, enabling real-time access to data flows and insights.

Rethink and refresh trial models with ICON – transforming them into agile, patient-centric processes driven by digital health technologies.

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Research for real people in the real world.

ICON’s site networks, patient access expertise, and in-home clinical services unlock access to millions of patients where they already are – providing comprehensive and connected patient journeys across the largest and most diverse patient populations.

ICON streamlines the clinical trial process, accelerates study-startup, and ensures patient recruitment and retention meets or exceeds targets.

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This is ICON.

ICON is a world-leading CRO powered by healthcare intelligence. We provide outsourced development and commercialisation services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and government and public health organisations.

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