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Our people are at the core of our mission, to help our customers accelerate the development of drugs and devices that save lives and improve the quality of life, and the driving force behind our success. Our people are a key part of our strategy and one of our four strategic pillars is ‘Talent, Leadership Development and Culture’. We encourage our people to seize the opportunity to bring flexibility, innovation and determination to every situation. By doing this, our people can build exciting and rewarding careers, and deliver results to help bring life-changing medicines to market and maintain ICON’s success as an industry leader. We call it… the potential of together.  

Diversity, belonging & inclusion

We’re committed to providing an inclusive environment that empowers all our employees to realise their full potential. Just as we appreciate the diversity of scientific approaches in clinical trials, we believe that our culture of inclusivity and our employees’ diverse backgrounds come together and lead to innovative ideas, more fruitful collaboration, and a vibrant workplace. ICON is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive culture for our people where respect, honesty, empathy, integrity, and passion are at the core of everything we do.

We value differences of gender, ethnicity, culture, and experience and we believe disability should not be a barrier to building a successful career in ICON. We strive to ensure that all colleagues at ICON feel accepted, included, connected, safe, and secure in their working environment.

All of our team members come to ICON for their own unique reasons, but we also have a common goal – to help others. Our people-focused culture welcomes and encourages our employees to share their unique backgrounds and enables us to make positive changes for our company and the world.

Training and development

Training and development

Our success depends on the knowledge, capabilities and quality of our people. That is why we are committed to developing a continuous learning culture – one where we challenge employees with engaging work, where every experience adds to their professional development and where employees can realise their full potential. Elements of our continuous learning and professional development include:

  • Comprehensive development programs supporting people leaders at all levels
  • Clear and transparent professional development and career pathways
  • Succession planning with tailored programmes to develop high-potential employees into future leaders
  • Self-directed continuous learning and on the job support
  • Development opportunities via secondments to new roles or on new projects

*Data as of 31 December 2019

Social responsibility

We recognise the importance of making a positive impact on the communities in which we work and live. We are involved in a number of company-led community engagement programmes and we also support our employees who give up thousands of hours of their time each year to fundraise for important causes and give back to their communities. Our community engagement is particularly focused on two core areas:

  • Improving the welfare of people in the communities in which we work and live.
  • Supporting education & building closer ties between industry and academia.

Corporate giving

ICON employees around the globe are making a positive difference in their communities every day. Over the years, ICON has supported a multitude of charities around the world and has led countless company-wide charitable initiatives and grassroots employee volunteerism. We support causes that are important to our employees and have several programmes that support the welfare of people in our local and global communities. These include:

  • Corporate donations to employee-nominated charities – Our corporate charity donation program to employee-nominated charities provides substantial donations to numerous charities across the world.
  • Donations in support of employee fundraising – ICON employees raise significant funds for a variety of charities each year. ICON recognises the enormous effort and creativity of our employees who fundraise for causes by supplementing their generosity through ICON’s Charitable Donation Programme. Through the programme, employees can apply for company funds to match the money they have raised, either through individual or team-based fundraising activities. Through ICON’s Charitable Donation Programme, we have supported a variety of eligible charity/not-for-profit organisations around the world.

Corporate giving partnerships include, but are not limited to:

  • Trinity College
  • University College Dublin
  • Junior Achievement
  • PATH
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Women’s Gaelic Players Association

Employee volunteerism

Individually and collectively, we can help make tomorrow better than today.

Our passion and commitment to improving lives extend far beyond our work. We believe that it is our obligation as a corporate citizen to help our people find meaningful ways to respond to the needs of others around the world so that everyone may experience the rewards of giving.

Our employee volunteering and giving platform is not about a single programme or charity. It’s about helping people wherever and whenever we can. Our employees inspire kindness and empower action by connecting with charities and volunteering with organizations that reflect their passions.

Supporting education and building closer ties between industry and academia

ICON is a strong supporter of strengthening ties between industry and academia, and inspiring the next generation of business and scientific leaders.

  • ICON has been honoured as a Benefactor through the Centuries by Trinity College, the university’s highest honour bestowed on its top group of supporters throughout Trinity’s history. ICON received this honour in recognition of its support for Trinity, which includes:    
    • The ICON–McKeon Research Fellow in Motor Neurone Disease, in honour of Mr. Declan McKeon - a former ICON Board member, will carry out research in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence to derive insights from multimodal clinical, imaging neuro-electric signaling, in the context of the neurodegenerative disease of ALS.
    • Partnership with the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities, which provides educational and employment opportunities for those living with intellectual disabilities.
  • ICON is a Science Gallery Founding Partner and a lead corporate supporter of the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin since its inception in 2008. Science Gallery aims to inspire and transform curious minds through engagement with science. ICON launched a new healthcare series with Science Gallery in 2019, which aims to explore healthcare, the human experience and the future of disease treatment.
  • ICON has been a strategic partner of University College Dublin (UCD) since 2012, which has been heralded as a model for industry-academia collaboration.
  • ICON supports our people who volunteer their time to deliver Junior Achievement educational programmes in financial literacy, work readiness, STEM and entrepreneurship to students from junior school through to secondary school. We began our partnership with Junior Achievement in Ireland in 2019 and we intend on expanding the programme to other countries within the Junior Achievement global network in the coming years.
  • ICON has a partnership with the Women’s Gaelic Players Association, whereby we provide ICON- GPA Life Sciences Scholarships to inter-county football and camogie players engaged in undergraduate and post-graduate life sciences courses. ICON also provides mentoring to players to help them on their career journeys.