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Recognized as a best place to work—year after year.

Rewards & Benefits

Your health, your family, your career, your money — the things that matter to you, matter to us. And while we realize that your needs may change over time, your desire to be in a position to meet those needs never will.

Values & Culture

ICON's values inform how we live and what we do—in both successful and challenging times. They provide a sense of shared identity. Individually, our values are not new to our organisation. But together, they shape our unique company culture.

Career Development

From the moment you start in a new position with ICON, you’re encouraged to grow beyond it. The time and resources we devote to helping our employees develop isn’t an expense, it’s an investment.

Diversity & Inclusion

All of our team members come to ICON for their own unique reasons, but we also have a common goal—to help others. Our people-focused culture welcomes and encourages our employees to share their unique backgrounds and enables us to make positive changes for our company and the world.