Unlocking the potential of human-enabled AI in clinical trial site selection

Transition from a state of data overload to data empowerment with One Search

In the dynamic landscape of clinical research, effective site selection is crucial for success. By leveraging the power of human-enabled AI, ICON’s One Search solution enhances decision-making and minimises risk in drug development.

Learn how we are helping pharma and biotech customers to transition from a state of data overload to one that utilises AI-empowered, data-driven decision-making to: 

  • Efficiently process massive datasets and seamlessly integrate, interrogate, and interpret large datasets from diverse sources to gain actionable insights.
  • Optimise site identification processes by identifying the most suitable investigators and institutions with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Enhance patient recruitment using network feasibility analysis to pinpoint sites with the highest potential for patient enrolment.
  • Maximise diversity and inclusion by layering additional data to assess patient demographics and ensure representation from diverse communities.

By harnessing the combined power of human expertise and AI technology, One Search delivers significant improvements across all key metrics, including recruitment rates, site identification speed, and compliance with project timelines. Our customers have experienced up to a 26% increase in subject recruitment and a 24% improvement in hitting first-patient-in targets.

Download your copy today to learn how One Search can help you to accelerate study startup timelines, minimise risk, and drive success in your clinical trials.