Cell and Gene Therapy clinical trials

The promise and complexity of living therapies


Discover the critical role CROs play in both the growth and demand for resources in cell and gene therapies and in capturing lessons learned in an area of clinical research that has no handbooks and few standards to follow.

Working with living therapies requires innovation, flexibility and agility

The promise of cell and gene therapies (CGT) to solve some of our most challenging conditions from rare diseases to cancers, has led this field to remain on the forefront of innovation. Advances in innovative technologies coupled with deeper scientific knowledge in cellular and molecular biology spurred a new era of growth in these advanced therapies.

As the CGT industry accelerates, so will the demand for best practices, and better tools and solutions. For advanced therapies, the product and patient journey is entirely different from traditional trials. As such, biotech and pharma companies will need to overcome challenges and complexities from regulatory pathways and patient recruitment to logistics and manufacturing. Adopting strategic partnerships with deep CGT expertise with a broad spectrum of solutions and services is vital to the success of a development programme. Read our eBook for insights on:

  • The unique challenges and complexity in executing CGT trials
  • The importance of experience and continuing education in the field
  • The application of cell and gene therapies in rare and orphan diseases
  • The vital role of specialty lab testing services in CGT trials