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Decentralised & hybrid clinical trials

Patient focused research for better outcomes

With the rising cost and time to bring new drugs to market and more recently the pandemic outbreak, the demand for decentralised and hybrid trials has risen. These alternative trial models can range in shape and form to include digital health technologies, in-home clinical visits and remote monitoring.

Practical considerations in transitioning to hybrid or decentralised clinical trials

Practical considerations in transitioning to hybrid or decentralised clinical trials

Everyone is talking about decentralised clinical trials. But how can we leverage what we learnt during 2020 and move forward in a more systematic way to deploy this approach with maximum efficiency and optimum results?

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The promise of decentralised models and diversity in clinical trials

Biopharma perspective: The promise of decentralised models and diversity in clinical trials

ICON invited senior biopharma executives to discuss how decentralised and hybrid clinical trial models can provide increased resilience and to share how their respective organisations are currently or likely to address diversity and inclusion in clinical trials going forward. This summary report outlines how these executives see the opportunity in the developments of 2020, paving the way for continuous improvements into the future.

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Patient insight - decentralised & hybrid clinical trials

Patient insight - decentralised & hybrid clinical trials

Engaging patients more fully and making sure decentralised clinical trials are easing rather increasing burden is going to be crucial to using these models in the longer term. Early in 2021, ICON conducted a survey to compare it to one conducted in 2019 to see if the COVID-19 outbreak had changed the sentiment and increased interest in participating in clinical trials remotely.

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Decentralised and hybrid clinical trials - considerations in planning and executing

In-home services in decentralised clinical trials

Bringing clinical trial visits to patients in their homes decreases burden and leads to higher enrollment rates. Explore the benefits and solutions to overcome perceived barriers so that you can provide this as an option on your next trial.

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Whitepaper: Wearables and digital endpoint strategy and validation

Advancing digital endpoints

Although mHealth devices and sensors are continuing to evolve, and it is now possible to capture a vast array of physiological data, the operationalisation of digital trials is not without challenges. Navigate the shift from traditional trial models to agile, patient-centric processes driven by digital health technologies.

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Agile clinical monitoring

Agile clinical monitoring

During COVID-19 the levels of remote monitoring increased due to site closures and safety reasons. Now is the time to learn from that experience and review whether a hybrid model of remote monitoring and centralised monitoring is the way forward for some trials. Learn best practices in analysing and assessing risk in clinical monitoring and how to remain agile adapting to environmental conditions and therapeutic focus.

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ICON's solutions in decentralised and hybrid clinical trials

Decentralised and hybrid trials bring a wide range of benefits to the patient and the sponsor. Find out more about the range of decentralised and hybrid trials services available from ICON.

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