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Practical considerations in transitioning to hybrid or decentralised clinical trials

An ICON Whitepaper endorsed by the PCMG

Insight from clinical and data operations, mobile health sensor management and regulatory experts provides a framework of practical advice on how to get it right first time and avoid increased patient and site burden for optimal outcomes.


Gather tips and checklists for making the move to decentralised clinical trials.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Understanding the different models: traditional, hybrid and decentralised   

  • Factors to consider when choosing the best model for your trial

  • Using the operational ecosystem as a framework

  • Regulatory aspects and considerations        

  • Step by step approach and checklists for including wearables and sensors

  • Case study demonstrating how a hybrid approach can decrease burden for the patient and the site

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The promise of decentralised models and diversity in clinical trials

Biopharma perspective: The promise of decentralised models and diversity in clinical trials

ICON invited senior biopharma executives to discuss how decentralised and hybrid clinical trial models can provide increased resilience and how their respective organisations are currently or likely to address diversity and inclusion in clinical trials going forward. Our summary report outlines how these executives see the opportunity in the developments of 2020, paving the way for continuous improvements into the future.

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