Making Sense of the Biosimilars Market

Strategies and Recommendations to Achieve Optimal Market Access

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Biosimilars are generally expected to offer a competitive price advantage to appeal to healthcare organisations and payers which make them an attractive business opportunity. A critical component of market access planning is the ability to communicate an integrated proposition that will alleviate any potential concerns and optimise perceptions of value.

Biosimilar developers need to prepare a comprehensive market access strategy. It is important that commercialisation success factors are integrated into the strategy at an early stage and are revisited often during development decision making. In preparation for market entry, biosimilar developers must offer a value proposition for their product that resonates with payers and other stakeholders who are influential in access and reimbursement related decisions.

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Discover the key regulatory and development concerns for sponsors, including the factors that affect biosimilar uptake in the United States and Europe and recommendations to address these issues.