The affordability hurdle for gene therapies

The viewpoint of US payers


The structure of the US payer system creates unique pressures on payers and will demand new solutions to support access to cell and gene therapies.

Advanced therapy medicinal products – cell and gene therapies – offer tremendous hope for patients either by actually curing serious diseases or by alleviating suffering. However, gene therapies in particular come at a staggering cost to the healthcare system. Until now, US payers have absorbed and managed the cost of ultra-expensive therapies, but how long can they continue to do so?

ICON conducted in-depth interviews with a cross-section of US payers to:

  • Understand how payers perceive the value of advanced therapies
  • Assess their approach to determining coverage
  • Identify solutions for the challenges they face specific to cell and gene therapies

Read the whitepaper for a summary of this primary research and our recommendations for the biopharmaceutical industry.