Gain insights on how the Internet of Things (IOT) will impact healthcare and pharmaceutical communications.

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If you are curious about the latest digital trends and how that innovation is being implemented into real world communication needs, don't miss our webinar. 

We will review current trends and how digital technology and innovation are being applied to patient, healthcare professional, payer, and other decision maker communications. 

With a world population of 7.6 billion people using over 21 billion internet connected devices, digital interactions are not only fundamental, they require continued evolution to maintain appropriate reach and responsiveness.   

You’ll gain insights from our collection of case studies, and learn how companies are applying the latest digital trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI),  including voice enablement and chatbots, wearables, point of care electronic health record messaging, social media, transportation, do-it-yourself healthcare, and more.  

Following this presentation, you will have a clearer understanding of:

  • IoT technology and how it works 
  • The latest digital trends 
  • How IoT and digital trends are being used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
  • How ICON is approaching innovation 

Featured Speakers

Marie McCarthy

Senior Director, Product Innovation, ICON

Marie is part of the multidisciplinary Innovation Team at ICON. Seen as a key intrapreneur within the organisation, she has specific responsibility for developing solutions in the direct to patient paradigm. She has worked extensively on the use of wearables and sensors in clinical trials, with particular emphasis on the potential these devices have to monitor the physical behaviours of the digital patient. Her current focus is the value of mHealth technology in reducing patient burden. Marie has a background in scientific research and has worked in a number of industries including IVDs and Medical Devices. She is a published author and has spoken at a number international conferences.

Target Audience

This presentation is intended for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device professionals, who are involved in market access, brand marketing, digital marketing and product innovation.

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