Symphony Health

Turning data, analytics, and technology into actionable strategy.

We use data to answer questions about the patient health journey.

Symphony Health uses data to create solutions for virtually any business that needs to answer questions about any step of the patient health journey. We can also show you the impact or influence of any constituent on that journey, including payers, providers, labs, hospitals, medical offices, advertising, and pricing.

We start with one of the largest integrated repositories of healthcare data our Integrated Dataverse®


  • 85%

    Retail pharmacy Rx
  • 74%

    Mail order pharmacy Rx
  • 73%

    Specialty drug activity
  • 307+ million

    Active patients
  • 1.98+ million

  • 18,000+

    Health plans

Then, we make that data work for you.

This is where our technology and people come together. We take our raw data and create smart tools and hubs that make analysing big data easily manageable. We specialise in data integration, analytic tools, and cloud-based commercial marts and hubs.

We analyse and act on industry trends

We were the first data company to link prescriptions to the most granular group, employer, or plan level and reveal the entire lifecycle of the claim, from initial to final transaction.

We empower patient insights

New data sets are constantly adding more information to the story. With Synoma, our unique de-identification engine, we can unify disparate data sets under a single ID in a completely HIPAA-compliant environment.

We drive change

We realised that more data across all health touchpoints was essential to understanding the interrelationships within the patient journey, so we fully integrated all of our data into one comprehensive platform—the Integrated Dataverse, or IDV®.

We create solutions

As patients started to take a more active role in their therapy decisions, we were also the first to bring longitudinal patient data linked to diagnosis, plan, and prescriber.

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