Understand the patient journey

Patient insights and outcomes

Patient journey analytics and insights

Understand the behavioral, emotional, and clinical drivers of a patient population across the treatment journey.

We customise our research to uncover deep insight into factors that drive patient and physician activity across the patient journey, working cross-functionally with your brand teams to create a clear framework that identifies and prioritises brand opportunity and supports targeted tactical development.

We provide insight into key business questions throughout the development process by leveraging existing market research and internal stakeholder knowledge to tell the full strategic market story. This drives market research planning and helps segment key stakeholders and build engagement models based on their level of influence at various stages and points along the patient’s journey.

Best-in-class data

Define the flow of the patient journey at the physician, patient, and payer level.

Custom research

Uncover deep insight into patient and physician decision drivers across the patient journey.

Tactical development

Identify and prioritise brand opportunity and support targeted tactical development.

Patient insight reports

See how over 150 million patients get treated across their clinical journey. Using our industry-leading, integrated data platform, Integrated Dataverse (IDV®), we combine prescription and claims data with electronic medical records, lab results, and other clinical data, into one cohesive dataset. Our patient insight reports are customised to answer targeted business questions about specific patient populations. We offer reports for:

  • Disease prevalence
  • Adherence modeling and persistency
  • Source of business
  • Market sizing and raw patient counts

Health economics and outcomes research

Support the launch, pricing, and post-launch strategies for your product with Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR). HEOR plays a critical role in establishing product direction and encompasses real-world data, the cost and efficacy of medical treatments, and quality of life for the patient. Our health economics and outcomes research analyses can help you determine:

  • Where are there gaps in care that your product could help address?
  • How are patients using your product compared to those using a competitor’s product?
  • What is the burden of disease for a given patient population?
  • Which treatment leads to better clinical outcomes?
  • How much health benefit is generated by every dollar spent on a given medication?

We then shape this information into manuscripts, presentations, and white papers to educate your stakeholders on these critical measures and outcomes.

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