The explosion of healthcare data has created an organisational imperative to devise a robust and flexible framework to integrate this data while preserving the moral, ethical, and legislative requirements to protect the patient’s privacy.

While conceptually simple, an influx of solution providers has led to a litany of false starts and wasted effort. Data integration of this magnitude is nontrivial and requires a high degree of specialisation. The selection of an experienced strategic partner with the right blend of business and data consulting combined with foundational technology (tokenisation and patient master) will dictate the ultimate success.

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  • What is re-shaping data and integration strategies?
  • What does a data integration framework need to include?
  • How does precision medicine impact the strategy?
  • Why a data integration framework is pre-requisite for digital enterprise activation?
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David Menzies

Executive Director, Technology Solutions, ICON

David Menzies has 30+ years of experience in the sales, design and delivery of services and technology solutions to commercial life science organizations. He is well versed in life science commercial business processes, practices, data sources and regulatory requirements such as PDMA and PDRP.

David has expertise in technology solutions for data integration and tokenization, business intelligence, data warehousing, customer master (MDM), incentive compensation, territory realignments and AI powered customer targeting. 

Kristen Toppi

Director Strategy, Symphony Health

Kristen Toppi has over 9 years of experience in life sciences consulting, across big, emerging small pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms. 

As the Director of Strategy within Symphony, Kristen provides valuable insight to overall real-world evidence based strategy. Kristen’s exposure and depth of experience include dermatology, oncology, rare diseases, immunology, respiratory, diabetes, renal, vaccines, and mental health. 

Geoff Wall

Senior Director, Domain Consulting, Symphony Health

Geoff Wall has been working with pharmaceutical / life sciences clients for 30+ years helping them solve challenges at the intersection of information, technology and process. Geoff has been with Symphony for 4+ years working with clients to address their patient tokenization, data linking and integration needs. As a subject matter expert, Geoff also consults with internal initiatives to design and implement new and creative uses of patient tokenization leveraging Symphony’s claims data in combination with other data sources.


This webinar will be useful for professionals interested in:

  • Commercial analytics
  • Real-world data management
  • Procurement managers (real- world data focus)
  • Health economics outcomes research
  • Brand marketing and management
  • Market access
  • Clinical trial analytics