In-home services are proving to be of true value in clinical research, improving patient recruitment by reducing patient burden and reaching more diverse patient populations. As we look to the future of clinical trials, shifting the paradigm to make them more patient centric and efficient, home-based services promise to be an important component in delivering on this mission.

But not everyone is convinced.  Investigators may be concerned about losing the relationship with the patient due to less face-to-face contact, site staff may be worried about dealing with changes in process and different technologies and internal study stakeholders may be tempted to revert to more traditional models. 

In this webinar we explore the challenges and concerns of key stakeholders and how you can overcome these with tried and trusted methods to deliver the best experience and outcomes for patients, while keeping trials on-track.

Participants will learn the following during the presentation:

  • Building the case for In-Home Services in your trial
    • Decreasing burden on the patient with optionality
    • The ripple effect – supplemental hidden benefits – family, caregivers
    • Therapeutic areas particularly relevant for services
    • Diversity in patient populations
  •  Patient centric protocol design
    • ​What to consider at the outset of the trial to minimise disruption, delays and protocol amendments
  • Increasing site support for successful operations and positive relations
    • ​Communication and training planning to support sites
    • Connecting in-home healthcare professionals with site staff
    • Ensuring transparency for investigator orversight and connection
  • Measuring success
    • Metrics to put in place to measure utilisation and report on outcomes
  • Patient retention
  • Patient recruitment
  • Diversity & Inclusion


Ashmee Bharadia

Vice President for Accellacare In Home Services, part of ICON plc

Ashmee Bharadia joined ICON in 2011, working with the largest strategic account in various project management roles and as a Clinical Program Manager for cardiovascular. Ashmee started her career in progressive roles from CRA to project management across Sanofi Aventis, Schering Plough, Novartis and Amgen covering respiratory, immunology, infectious, dermatology and neurology.

In 2016, Ashmee held a leadership position with a small CRO focused on developing the project management group and gained experience working with innovative start up and biotech companies. Ashmee also established a new group focused on strategic business optimisation, technology implementation, and global process improvements working with the corporate and operational leadership.

Ashmee holds qualifications in Lean Six Sigma and Change Management, and a BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Queen Mary, University of London.

Target Audience:

Professionals in the following areas in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device or CRO spaces:

  • Clinical Development
  • Project Management
  • Clinical Operations
  • Procurement, Outsourcing
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Protocol Development
  • Patient-Centric Innovation
  • Business Operations
  • Data Management
  • Scientists and Biostatisticians
  • Decentralised Clinical Trial Operations
  • Clinical Science
  • Outcomes Research
  • Clinical trial planning and optimization
  • Medical Affairs
  • Patient-centric innovation site managers/site networks