Providing in depth insights on your patient safety data.

Signet is ICON’s powerful intelligence tool dedicated to benefit risk management and patient safety. 

Signet is custom-built to offer data visualisation features and fit -for-purpose solutions that facilitate prompt and efficient signal detection and management, ensuring that the medicinal product's safety profile is as robust and safe as possible as it moves to market.

Signet benefits

  • Interactive user interface:

    Signet has an easy to use and interactive user interface that allows users and reviewers to navigate the tool for analysing complex data. 

  • Data integration:

    Several data points and data connections can be challenging for thorough analysis and timely detection of safety signals and trends. Signet offers granular and early detection of safety signals through integration of data from a wide range of sources.

  • Digital transformation:

    Allows real-time data visualisation which enables clients to quickly detect and respond to potential safety concerns. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to automate literature mining from research publications and health records to read adverse drug reactions and support pharmacovigilance measures; reducing risks to patients’ lives and saving time and unwanted expenditure.

  • Customisable solutions:

    The ad-hoc analysis feature offered by Signet facilitates creation of customisable reports on analysis of data, allowing reports to be created based on specific needs. The ad-hoc analysis feature especially helps with very specific and alternative need for signal analysis reports.

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